Well in Theory is the creative practice of Marta Skrabacz and Candice Hopkins – it is an interdisciplinary curatorial and publishing project concerned with the future of Australian arts cultures.

Independent publishing, art direction, curation, editing, installation.

It supports the interdisciplinary practices of creative and political individuals. Well in Theory publishes Papers, a biannual publication about the creative, political and holistic practices of art (visual, written, design, musical and multidisciplinary) across Australia.


About Us

The team at Well in Theory believe it is necessary to fosters creativity and passion on a statewide and nationwide scale. We make certain we can pay our writers, our artists and our team. We reject the mainstream attitude of no-remuneration present in return for creative participation. We believe it represents the an attitude that disrespects and devalues the creative arts.

Well in Theory is an opportunity to redesign the way arts is perceived by institutions and government. We want Australians artists – whether of First Nations, of any sex, gender or race, whether a refugee – to feel supported, safe and encouraged in today’s landscape.

In the future, we hope to offer further interaction and opportunities for public engagement, & support the arts culture in Australia through mentorship, collaboration and funding.