a week by candice hopkins

candiceportraitThis week on Well in Theory, visual artist and photographer Candice Hopkins talks about experiencing fulfilment and letting go of attachments. Under the moniker Auralen, her project We Have The Earth is the first project WiT has taken under its wing in terms of sponsorship. Read more here.

Yoga has been an interest of mine for a number of years now. It brings me a sense of peace, of presence, of aligning all my thoughts and emotions so that I can be here, so I can smile and be grateful. This practice aligns me, it fulfils me.

Up until recently I’ve been finding my fulfilment in people. I believe myself to be a good friend, an empath, a giver, a loyal and truthful individual. This loyalty (in my mind) has entitled me to feel some possession towards the people I hold really close in my life. It’s a theme that I’ve had to learn the hard way this year – you can’t own people, and other people can not fulfil you. You alone own your self, you alone can gain a sense of fulfilment through conscious positive actions and a seeking of what makes you ‘great’.

I had an experience a few months ago that manifested out of words that only floated back to the surface of my consciousness this week. I remember telling a friend that I wanted someone to come along and uproot me from the mundane of my life. That in doing so, I would be free, I wouldn’t be ‘owned’ any longer. A unconscious statement of intention, a spell that basically has come full circle. How is this reasonable then, for me to feel an ownership over people? When I subconsciously wanted to escape from the path of marriage, a death of my creativity and an acceptance of ‘nothing more’.

On Sunday I saw a Healer at the annual Qi’s Crystals Opening Day. She read 6 cards to me and placed her hands across my head, heart and back. I was told to protect myself, to remember the connections throughout the universe, to surrender to the life I was leading. Placebo effect or not, I had a magical day following that experience. Two of my good friends met and connected – one of my oldest friends and someone I had met two months previous. There was no fear or trepidation in allowing them to connect, it was beautiful to watch.


At this open day I also purchased a gemstone – Garnet, within a necklace. Garnet is said to represent commitment, truth and love, allowing friendships to evolve easily and enhancing your thoughts and self-esteem. A few of my friends have informed me gemstones stay with you for as long as you require them, becoming ‘lost’ once they have fulfilled their purpose in your life.

On Friday past, I lost this necklace – I’d had it in my possession less than a week. I volunteered myself as a model for a friends photography which was a beautiful, shock to the senses experience as everything on my body had to be taken off (including the necklace). It’s out there now, buried in the rocks near a river and a waterfall.

After the last week though, gemstone assisted or not, my friendships have come easier, my self-esteem is not in question like it once was and I am committed; to my art, to the truth, to loving the people around me, who have supported me and my journey.

Auralen encompasses the photography, videography and writing of Melbourne artist Candice Hopkins. Her works speak of deep-seated emotions, desires and the need to connect with others and nature, specifically through the beauty of the Australian landscape. Candice’s work can also be found in the collaborative group, Hemisphere Collective, a reactive art project found on Instagram.

Website: http://auralen.com
Instagram: @auralen